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Realtor Headshots

You wouldn’t wear that name tag at a new client meeting so why are you using a bad headshot? Your Realtor headshot is your first step in reaching your sales goal. If your headshot sends the wrong message then you are potentially missing out on thousands of dollars. What do potential clients think when they see your headshot for the first time?

Realtor headshot

In your career, first impressions matter and now more than ever, that first impression is made online.

A professional Realtor headshot gives you a leg up on your competition. I know you looked good at your cousin’s wedding and sure you could just crop the ex out of the picture but what message is that sending to potential clients? Yes, yes, I know your new iPhone camera has a portrait setting, you can use it for posting beautiful cat portraits to facebook. Look, if your headshot is a selfie or has your ex croppped out, its sending the wrong message. If your headshot was taken with a camera phone in front of a cubical wall, it’s not working for you.

And Realtors, if you can’t remember who was President when your headshot was taken, it’s time for a new one. My good friend and Headshot photographer Norman Jaillet of Boston says “Think of your professional headshot photographer as your first impression coach. They are in your corner”.

As a photographer, I want all of my Realtor clients to be successful. I truly believe that every real estate agent’s professional headshot should say “I’m reliable. I can get the job done”. If you don’t look confident, you don’t get clients. Its really that simple.

Realtors should all have 3 great shots in their pocket. A killer professional headshot, a great full length body shot, and an environmental portrait that says “I’m confident. I know what I’m doing”.

Your new headshot isn’t all smiles. You have to dress the part too. If you’re not a yoga instructor, don’t dress like one for your headshot. Guys, get the jacket cleaned and the shirt pressed. Maybe invest in a new tie. Clean the lenses in your glasses too while youre at it. Ladies, what would you wear to a job interview? Is it a blouse with a blazer or is it a dress? Less is more when it comes to makeup. The same goes for jewelry. Think small studs over large hoops. Everyone should try to stick to solid colors. Headshot day is not the day to try bold new colors or patterns.

It’s time. Schedule an appointment. Get in front of a headshot professional’s camera and update that realtor headshot.


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