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Get the Best Shot

With the Leading Professional Headshot & Branding Photographer in Baltimore, MD

Why Should Celebrities Be the Only People Who Look Cool in a Photograph?

Not just cool, but truly memorable. By working with a talented professional headshot photographer in the Baltimore area, you can easily become the face everyone wants to meet. The significance of nailing that perfect shot goes beyond any specific scenario. 


Whether you're gunning for a job, revamping your business’ image, chasing opportunities in the entertainment industry, or simply striving to make a memorable impression, your face becomes an integral part of your identity—it's your brand. It's the essence of you that lingers in people's minds. So, no matter the purpose behind the shoot, having the right photograph is key to making your mark. With the expertise of a branding photographer, your image will exude authenticity and professionalism, opening doors for new opportunities and meaningful connections in our visually-driven world.

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Our Professional Headshot and Branding Photography Services

We proudly serve clients all over the region, from downtown Baltimore to Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, and beyond, we specialize in capturing professional portraits that enhance your personal brand. Whether you're a corporate executive, entrepreneur, or creative professional, our goal is to create stunning images that convey your unique personality and style. 

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Professional Headshot Photography

Your face is your brand, the ultimate money-maker, the powerhouse behind your business’ success. Here at Todd Dring Photography, we're dedicated to making sure your brand exudes reliability, professionalism, and that unmistakable air of expertise that instills confidence in your customers.

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Corporate Photography

Whether you need group photos or individual headshots for your company employees or team leaders, we’ll bring our professional studio to your location. Having a team of experts showcased on your website or social media adds a personal touch. Keep in mind, people connect with people, not just companies, so it’s important to put a face to the company (which are your employees).

Branding Photography

Your face is your brand, the ultimate money-maker, the powerhouse behind your business’ success. Here at Todd Dring Photography, we're dedicated to making sure your brand exudes reliability, professionalism, and that unmistakable air of expertise that instills confidence in your customers.

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Modeling Headshots

In an industry where your image is everything, securing modeling gigs demands a standout headshot. With perfect studio lighting and expert retouching, we ensure your image captures the right attention and sets your application apart, increasing your chances of getting noticed and called in.

Actress and Actor Headshots

Sometimes landing the audition is just as hard as securing the role itself. Is your actor's headshot getting noticed by the right people? Our goal is to make sure your headshot stands out and catches the attention of casting directors and key decision-makers, helping you nail the roles you were destined to play.

View Our Professional Business Headshots

Eras / Residency Applications Headshots

If you are looking for ERAS residency application headshots, Todd Dring Photography is your trusted partner! With a firm grasp of the industry ERAS headshot requirements, our Baltimore professional headshot photographer will not only ensure that your photo meets the necessary qualifications but will also make sure your photo stands out.

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If You Are Looking For A Professional Headshot Photographer Near You, Then

Come On Over To Our Studio Located In Downtown Baltimore.

We attract business professionals, actors and models from all over Maryland, including Baltimore County, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Anne Arundel County, MD, Howard County, MD, Harford County, MD and Carroll County, MD, to get their photos done by us!

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Our Process

When it comes to our process, we've made it easy and convenient for our clients to book their headshot studio appointments. If you're looking to schedule a session for your corporate team or interested in a branding shoot, please contact us directly, and we'll take care of the scheduling.


Schedule Your Session

Booking your professional headshot photography studio session is a breeze because it's all done online. Just let us know your preferred service, date, and time, and we'll be there to capture your moments and turn them into captivating images that perfectly represent you.


Photo Shoot in the Studio

Now, here comes the fun part –the photo shoot! Our lead Baltimore professional headshot photographer, Todd, will expertly guide and direct you throughout the session. We're here to ensure you have a great time, share some laughs, and most importantly, that you look good in your photos.


Select Your Photos

After the shoot, we'll sit down together to review the images where you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorites. From there, our team will make sure they are professionally retouched and to your exact liking!

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Get The Headshot You’ve Always Wanted With The

Top Branding And Headshot Photographer In Baltimore

Feeling a bit nervous about facing the camera? Worried about looking silly? Don't worry about it because we've got your back. Our team will be there every step of the way to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible, and if that means sharing some good laughs, we're all for it.

When you choose Todd Dring Photography, you'll discover that every shot is purposefully captured by our skilled branding photographer, who expertly seizes each perfect moment during the shoot. As one of the leading top professional headshot photographers in the Baltimore area, you're in for a treat because we’re here to deliver you the headshot you've always wanted and then some. What's the "then some?” It's about bringing out your genuine personality, going beyond expectations, and leaving you with a headshot that truly represents your unique self.

Customer Reviews

If you're curious about what our clients have to say about the work of our experienced Baltimore professional headshot photographer, Todd Dring, then let our testimonials paint the picture.

In addition to perusing our extensive collection of photos that best showcase our work, here's a snapshot of what our clients have to say about us. 

Amy Philips

Todd was delightful. Friendly, professional and put me at ease. His headshot was great. He carefully posed me to get the optimal image, and then with some laughter and coaching he was able to get a natural "face." We looked at options and he tidied up the selection just enough. Thanks so much Todd for your help and humor.

Why First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter because they often form the basis of lasting perceptions. Here's a fun fact: research shows it takes just about 1/10th of a second to make an initial judgment about someone based on their appearance. So, when you team up with the right Baltimore professional headshot photographer, you're making sure you kick things off on the right foot, creating a positive and memorable first impression that can open doors in various aspects of life.

Meet the Editorial Portrait Photographer Behind the Lens

As a professional headshot photographer in the Baltimore area, I've had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life. Whether you're just starting out your career journey or a seasoned business professional looking to refresh your branding image, my goal is to help you succeed. Every day I help individuals in increase their income, seal important deals, secure significant roles, and most importantly, make people remember them.

Book your session now to start making the impression you want!

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Looking For A Professional Headshot Photographer Near Baltimore? –

You Found the Right Photography Studio!

At Todd Dring Photography, in the heart of Baltimore's vibrant Canton neighborhood, we are the go-to destination for individuals looking for a professional headshot photographer. Clients visit our studio from near and far, whether they're coming from Montgomery County, MD, or Anne Arundel County, MD. We’re committed to making every moment you spend with us is worthwhile.

We understand the value of your time, which is why we offer ample free onsite parking for our clients. Say goodbye to meter worries, even during those extended branding photoshoots.

If you’re looking to take your image to the next level, book a session with us now and get the attention you deserve!

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